Summer Mix 2015


Summer Mix 2015 is here!!

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 Don't forget to send in your consent form to Rees Youth Centre, Mudge Way, Plympton  as you won't be enrolled onto any courses until we have received this

 ~As of 27th July you can apply for more than 3 courses!

 Check out the list below of courses that still have spaces~


AF04-11, AF04-4 Carved in Stone
AF05-27, AF05-6 Creative Fashion Fun
AF06 Environmental Art: Film and Photography
AF07 Fashion Design and Photography
AF08-21 Get Crafty - Arts day
AF18-11, AF18-12, AF18-18, AF18-25, AF18-26, AF18-4, AF18-5, AF18-6 Pottery
Painting Techniques with ClayArt
AF19-19 Top Trump Character Design Workshop
MPA03-PM Beginner Rhythm Guitar
MPA06-11, MPA06-12, MPA06-14, MPA06-4, MPA06-5, MPA06-6
^Livewire Rock Taster Sessions^
MPA08 Music & DJ Technology (an introduction)
MPA10-11, MPA10-12, MPA10-13, MPA10-18, MPA10-19,
MPA10-20, MPA10-25, MPA10-26, MPA10-27, MPA10-4.
MPA10-5, MPA10-6, MPA11 ^Street Dance^
MPA11 Street Factory Dance taster session
MPA14 Young Company Design Taster
DMP02 Dance for Film
DMP07 Photography and Social Media
SFL01-24 A Day with the Fire & Rescue Service
SFL03 A Taste Of Thailand
SFL06-18, SFL06-25, SFL06-4 Bikeability Cycle Training Level 2
SFL09-10, Bugs, Beasties and Pond Dipping
SFL11-18, SFL11-4 Bushcraft Day
SFL19 Event Management
SFL28 Paint, Create and Decorate 
WOW01 Access to Architecture
WOW03 Building with Bricks
WOW05 Construction Skills: Try your hand at bricklaying
WOW06-28, WOW06-7 Construction Skills: Try your hand at Plastering
WOW07 Construction Skills: Wallpapering and Decorating
WOW08-14 Creative Writing (an introduction)
WOW10 Discover Plymouth's Wild Side
WOW13 Exploring the world through
Natural History
WOW15 Health & Social Care (an introduction)
WOW17 Is your smile your best accessory?
WOW18-7 Nature Detectives
WOW19 Power Rangers
WOW21 Top Tiling
WOW22 You and Me: Unique or the same?
WOW23-5, WOW23-7 Your Life, Your career, Learn from the Best
SFW02-17, SFW02-19, SFW02-26, SFW02-5
^Basketball Taster Sessions with Raiders Coaches^
SFW03 Becoming a Sports Professional
SFW04-12 Circuit training and fitness for all
SFW07-21 Experience Snorkelling
SFW12-12, SFW12-19 Introduction to delivering sport for young
people with disabilities
SFW23-10 SK8 Roller Disco


Summer Mix 2015 coming soon!

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